Jetson Nano – Product List

Jetson Nano

This article briefly describes the Jetson Nano product list.

Jetson Nano Products

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There are three products in the Jetson Nano lineup.

  1. Jetson Nano Production Module
  2. Jetson Nano Developer Kit
  3. Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit

There are two versions of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit: A02 and B01. The major difference is that the A02 has one CSI camera interface and the B01 has two CSI camera interfaces. The B01 is currently being manufactured, while the A02 is not.

Carrier board and Module

The Jetson Nano Developer Kit and Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit consist of a Carrier board and Module. The Jetson Nano Production Module, on the other hand, is a Module only.

Below are, from left to right, Jetson Nano Production Module, Developer Module A02, Developer Module B01, Developer Module 2GB, and Developer Module 2GB (front side). There is no difference between Developer Module B01 and Developer Module 2GB in the photo below, but if you remove the heatsink behind it, you can see that 2GB has 2 8Gb (=bit) memory D9ZFG mounted on it, which means that 2GB has 2GB of memory.

Production Module
Production Module
Development Module A02
Developer Module A01
Development Module B01
Developer Module B01
Development Module 2GB
Developer Module 2GB – back
Developer Module 2GB – front

Unlike the Developer Module, the Production Module does not have an SD Card stock. Instead, an eMMC is mounted.


Since the interface between each module and carrier board is the same, each can be physically combined. The following is the result of checking whether the combination actually works correctly.

Carrier board A02Carrier board B01Carrier board 2GB
Production ModuleNG※1NG※2
Developer Module A02NG※1NG※1
Developer Module B01NG※1NG※1
Developer Module 2GBNG※1
Module and Carrier board compatibility

※1 No output to HDMI. can log in via UART.
※2 USB does not work.

Module A02 seems to work only with Carrier board A02. Carrier board B01 works with all modules except Module A02. Surprisingly, Carrier board 2GB seems to work only with Module 2G.

That’s all.